Cuban President: More private enterprise will be allowed

Havana, Cuba (CNN) — Cuban President Raul Castro said Sunday that his government would allow more private businesses and make it easier for those businesses to hire workers, as the socialist economy struggles to get back on its feet and shed up to one million redundant state jobs.

He went on to say that the government would eliminate “numerous” prohibitions to the granting of licenses for private businesses and to the sales of some products, as well as “make the contracting of a work force more flexible.”

The decision was part of a series of measures approved by the Council of Ministers to reduce “the considerably inflated payroll in the state sector,” he added.

Earlier this year, Castro said that more than one million state jobs, out of a total of 5.1 million, could be redundant.

For a couple of years, fallow land in the countryside has been turned over to private farmers. The more they produce, the more they earn. Not surprisingly, output is up.


Ahh, 20% of government workers providing redundant paper pushing… I’ll bet it is higher than that if that is the openly reported number… government efficiency at its finest. So let’s see… many European quasi-socialist governments are realizing they can’t borrow their way to prosperity nor can they create wealth… and as such they are implementing more free market reforms and reducing the role of government in the economy.  And here we have one of the most socialist countries in the world moving towards more free market concepts, though I realize they still have a very long way to go.

So while the entire world is moving towards more free markets, the United States is moving in the other direction, towards more socialism. What is going on in the world economic scene is truly stunning. The quicker the bond market comes to its senses, the quicker we can end the path of socialist destruction the US is on (by taking away politicians’ credit card)… not without short term pain however, but that is the price one pays for allowing the government to mis-allocate resources for decades. Let’s hope we don’t wait as long as Cuba did before we wake up and realize the economic destruction the government policies are causing.


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