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The Root Of All Evil?

July 28, 2010

“Money is the root of all evil”… everyone has heard this before and many agree with it.  But what is ‘money’ and why is it ‘evil’?

This blog will have two sections (categories of posts): “Monetary Education” and “Economic/Financial Commentary”.

Monetary Education will define what money really is, from the first barter transaction of cave men up to the present day ephemeral ethereal digital pixels on your computer screen.  How did we get to this point?  And just what is money really… what does it represent?  And is it evil as so many claim or might it be the human concept that has enabled progression in the standard of living? The caveat being that money must be decided upon by the marketplace and not governments.  Whatever people freely choose to use as money is what I mean when I say ‘money’ rather than what most people think of as money (paper currency forced upon people by government fiat).

Economic/Financial Commentary will provide my perspective on current economic/financial events that are happening around the globe that will in some way affect your wealth.  Usually these will be quick musings on an article found somewhere on the web.

The Monetary Education posts will come out at random times and are meant to be followed from the first post to the last… an attempt to bring the reader up to the current time.  Having said that, there may be later posts that attempt to clarify earlier posts if questions come up from readers, or if I simply want to add to an idea.  The easiest way to follow this progression is to click on the “Monetary Education” archives link at the right of this site under “Categories”.